Hi CDETB students! Dónal here, Remember ME?

Firstly, welcome to the new CDETB Employability Skills’ website. Yes guys can you believe it; we finally have our own new website up and running. So thanks for being patient with us. I know that the entire CDETB team have been linking up with you by phone and text messages. A lot has happened in the two weeks to say the least.

We hope to continue delivering the Employability Skills Programme through this new website. We understand and expect that some students might find it difficult to adapt to this way of training but rest assure that the team will support you with this change.

We have some exciting plans to come in the coming weeks and can definitely say that they will be quite interactive thanks to modern technology. More shall be revealed when we have our first Zoom meeting. Everybody is talking about Zoom and our programme will be using it quite a lot for our meetings and course delivery.

We also would welcome from you guys as to to what you want to see on your website so please forward any suggestions onto me.

Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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