CDETB Students Get Connected

Well we got there in the end! Our first Zoom conference call to students was a fantastic success. It was wonderful to see our students again and it was lovely to share ideas on how to progress on with the course. We want to thank you for embracing this approach of training and look forward to tomorrow’s scheduled meeting at 11.

Feel free to share the word about tomorrow’s meeting to students who didn’t make today’s meeting. At student’s request we are changing the format of tomorrow’s theme from health & fitness to another general Q&A session between CDETB staff and students.

Don’t forget to use the new meeting ID which I will post here shortly. Remember that the easiest way to is to connect to the Zoom meeting is through this website. I plan to put together a short video on how to do this.

Once again, super impressed with you guys in showing such maturity and willingness to continue with your training.

Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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