Baking Cakes

Hi all, Deante here.

I like to keep myself busy at home as I don’t like to get bored doing nothing at home. I decided to bake a cake that I did before with Aleksandra in our cooking class. It’s a chocolate-chip cake that I sometimes enjoyed making. I kind of knew all of the ingredients to put into the cake but I checked out a recipe online to be sure.

I’m keeping well at, making new choices, and finding new ideas to do to keep me busy at home. When I get up in the morning, I always help out doing the different jobs around my house. I love our new website and last week was my first time using the Zoom App. The zoom calls with college are good as we you get to see other students as well. I find it easy to do because I’m good at using social media apps anyway. I am able to keep contact with my friends through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Cheeko relaxing at home beside me.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my dog and took a photo of some plants as part of a challenge. My dog is called Cheeko and he is an American breed. He loves going out with me for walks everyday. I usually go out for my exercise for 20 minutes everyday with my dog.


Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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