Save Our Seas


RTC Students

ECO-UNESCO's Young Environmentalist Awards

Save Our Seas

Our Project focuses on plastic in our ocean and the effect it is having on our ocean. We choose our project because we wanted to make a positive impact in our local area and on our planet.

The RTC Students decided to use materials collected at our beach clean-up, at home and in our centre to create art pieces.

This was due to be showcased in our art exhibition in May but unfortunately this has now been postponed due to Covid-19.



We are a group of students from RTC who aim to educate people on water pollution and the effect plastic wastage is having on our seas.


Watch the video that we made for this project

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of our planet is covered by Oceans
Over 5.3 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean each year
We wanted to create awareness, reduce the plastic pollution and usage in our area.
We ran a water campaign ‘Rethink your drink’, the aim of our campaign is to educate people on how to choose a healthy drinking option and to use a reusable water bottle.
We created awareness posters and displayed these around our centre and in the community.
Our team arranged a beach clean-up on our local beach to reduce the waste entering our ocean. Raheny Tidy Towns gave us equipment and Ryan Andrews supported us at our clean up.
Throughout this project our team learnt so many new skills such as team building, communication, researching, organisation and time keeping.
All of our team and fellow peers now use reusable water bottles and are arranging future clean-ups in our local area.
Team Building
Throughout this project we learnt new skills
Ryan Andrews Supported Us
Raheny Tidy Town gave us equipment
Reusable Water Bottles
Educating people on how to choose a healthy drinking option

What can we do to help?

Don’t use plastic wrap

What can we do to help?

Use reusable shopping bags

What can we do to help?

Cook at home

to avoid take away containers

What can we do to help?

Avoid online shopping

too much extra packaging

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Tuesday 6th October 2020
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