Yvonne’s Art Class

Meet Daisy Betty Rad Mazle Bert Crazy
the Cow

These fantastic looking cows were created during Yvonne’s Art Class by Life Skill students.

How to draw Daisy, the cow


First Yvonne started to draw some very basic shapes on the canvas and then everyone copied this at home with a pencil.


When you have finished drawing the basic shapes, add in some eyes, nostrils and a smiley mouth if you want.

Do you want to send Yvonne photos of your drawings?

We want to to showcase the drawings that you made during Yvonne’s Art Class. Maybe you have created some more artwork of different looking cows. You can also send us any photos of your drawing as we love seeing your work. You can attach up to 3 different jpg images (either from your phone camera, tablet or computer) to this form. So thanks everyone and keep being creative! 

Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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