Our Recent Art Projects

Our Recent Art Projects

Discover the amazing Art projects that have been recently produced. The students from the CDETB Employability Skills Programme have been busy creating several different Art projects during this year.

Dublin Canvas Project

A tribute to the Fire Fighters at Kilbarrack Fire Brigade station

Our “Fetch the Engine” Dublin Canvas Project takes pride of place outside Kilbarrack Fire station

we use art as a way to
express ourselves and to highlight issues that are important to us

We have been inspired by the artist
Keith Haring

our creations of inspired
Keith Haring artwork

The Keith Haring Project is “Do what makes you happy” Simplified shapes of people doing what they love. Bold colours in keeping with the Haring theme.
The final piece of artwork was installed in our college hallway.

Katsushika Hokusai
Save Our Seas Project

The Katsushika Hokusai Save Our Seas Project was a reaction to watching “A Plastic Ocean”, which is a movie documentary on Netflix.

The use of mainly plastic and tissue is to highlight how much of our rubbish ends up in our seas and oceans thus destroying the sea life.
hover your mouse over image to reveal the Save Our Seas artwork

"Giant Wings - Express Yourself" Project

The CDETB Art Students worked on a project called “Giant Wings – Express Yourself”. Several paintings were completed by the group in order to experience using Acrylics.  The paintings were later photocopied and cut into paper feathers and collaged together to create life size angel wings. Selfies were encouraged as each participant instantly became an angel.
Colour and texture were the main focus of the paintings with a view to creating intuitive pieces which were inspiring and sensual. Expressive paintings become paper feathers on paper wings to encourage us to spread our wings and see how far we can fly.
The students exhibited their artwork at the annual CRC Art Exhibition 2020.

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Tuesday 6th October 2020
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