TP Moving Online Post

Well here's our first Moving Online Post

Since the first lockdown the Transition Progamme like all CRC programmes have moved some of their classes and activities online.

Moving online was difficult for the group as some had never used Whats App or Zoom before. Over the last year we have seen the adults now interacting daily with staff and friends through computers, laptops, ipads and phones.

The adults have worked really hard to improve their technology skills and have become much more confident using different devices.

They have now been engaging in quizzes, exercise classes, music and book club all online.

The adults have really enjoyed being able to connect with their friends outside the centre.

Well done to the Transition Programme adults!

Keep up the good work.
Here’s our first post that we did together. Well done guys, we did it.
You can see from these photos that we all supported each other. 


Do you recognise everyone?

Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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