“5×5 Project” off to a flying start

The “5×5 Project” with Fighting Words was alive with creativity flowing from all students in CDETB. Colm explained to us the concept behind the project and showed us how to create our own stories using inspiration from within a 5km radius of our homes.

Colm Quearney said that he lives in Donaghmede and that is fascinated by an old ruin of a church that’s nearby. It is called Grange Abbey. He is going to write about it and then take some photos of it when he next goes for a walk later today.

After Colm explained the project, we all thought about what we wanted to write about. Everyone took turns to talk about where they lived to see if they could pick something interesting to write about.

We went into Breakout Rooms to share our ideas with each and to develop our stories. During the week, we are going to send in photos and other materials using the form on the 5×5 Project Blog.

Donnycarney’s Limerick
There once was a Casino in Marino,
Where old gamblers drank limoncello,
No Barney from Donnycarney on Banjo,
Singing Sea Shanties with a 5-part plucking solo
“That’s a wonderful Casino in Marino”

Karen's Footage from her 5km

Inspiration is everywhere and Karen found it. She sent uploaded some great photos and videos which showcase some hidden gems in her neighbourhood. Check out the unusual garden furniture. There’s definitely must be a good story behind it. 

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Tuesday 6th October 2020
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