Letter of Condolense

Mikel Arteta sent me a letter

My uncle Kevin passed away at the start of this year due to Covid-19. It came out of nowhere so I was very upset by this sudden news. I couldn’t go to the funeral due to travel restrictions at that time. I was very disappointed by this.

The last time I saw him was at my auntie’s birthday party last year. Kevin was a big Arsenal fan. He just loved everything about them. He often travelled to their games in London with his son.

I remember telling my key-trainer Eoin Fallon about this sad news and then asked him for support in helping me write an email to Arsenal. I thought it would be  lovely for his family to get a letter of condolence from Kevin’s favourite club.

Eoin Fallon helped me a lot with wording the email and then sent it onto the ask-aresenal email address which I had looked up on their website.

The very next morning, I got a reply back from a member of staff. In this email, they said that they would be more than happy to arrange this request for me. I was so thrilled by their kind gesture as they also offered their condolence to me personally. It felt lovely to receive this email as it meant a lot to me. After a couple of weeks, a letter arrived at my house addressed to me. I just couldn’t believe it, as it felt unreal seeing Mikel Arteta’s signature at the bottom of the letter. It was a touching moment reading the letter for the first time. I have a lot of respect for Aresenal now. That’s saying a lot because I’m actually an Everton fan (have been all my life!)

Without delay, I hand delivered the letter up to Kevin’s wife and family that very afternoon. They were totally surprised and delighted with receiving the letter. It was really nice seeing their reaction.

I want to thank Mikel Artela and the staff in Aresenal for organising this for me. Thanks also to Eoin Fallon for setting me up in the first place.
This is the lovely letter that I received from the gaffer himself in Arsenal Football Club.
Martin Browne

Martin Browne

Former CDETB student and future Special Olympian (in the making)

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Tuesday 6th October 2020
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