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Our Blog

Our Recent Art Projects

We want to showcase the many Art projects that CDETB Art students have worked on recently. Feel free to browse through the project gallery and see for yourself the quality of the work

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Life Skills

Yvonne’s Art Class

These fabulous drawings were created during Yvonne’s weekly Zoom Art class. All the drawings quickly came to life and were all given names to match their personalities.

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Health & Fitness


Boxfit is a new type of fitness programme. Igor will be delivering three more Zoom classes and everyone is welcome to give it try.

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RTC Students

Save Our Seas

Our Project focuses on plastic in our ocean and the effect it is having on our ocean. We choose our project because we wanted to make a positive impact in our local area and on our planet.

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CDETB Staff Post

Wheelchair Users Precautions for Covid 19

If you push a manual wheelchair there are precautions you should take related to hand washing. COVID-19 can survive on the surfaces of your wheelchair such as the hand rims. Any virus that might be on your hands is transferred to your hand rims as

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Line Drawing Art Class

For the theme of this morning’s Art class, Christine will be looking at creating expressive line drawings. This is a really fun art activity to take part in as there’s only one guideline to follow; ‘lines cannot cross each other’ Materials needed for today’s Art

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Tuesday 6th October 2020