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The new Career Preparation Online Module is now available to all CRC Raheny students. It has been designed to supplement the training that you have received already in the CRC Raheny Campus. We hope that you will join us and use this platform to continue with your learning with us. We are all here to support each other and have worked hard to deliver the training content in a remote setting. 

It is recommended that you should only attempt a small amount of the lesson plans at your own pace. There is no extra points for being the first to complete all of the work. Instead please focus on the quality of the work that you produce as your trainer will guide you through all of the learning activies and exercises required to complete this Career Preparation Online Module.

Completing this Career Preparation MODULE will help you:

Who is the Career Preparation Online MODULE for?

This online module is only available to students who are enrolled on the CRC CDETB Employability Skills. 

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Learning Path

Compile a personal profile by exploring interests, skills, talents, personal qualities and characteristics, values, achievements, employment preferences, goals, and matching personal characteristics to possible careers.


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Distinguish between different types of work and describe local or foreign work opportunities

Describe the basic principles underpinning career preparation, to include the concepts of work, career, and planning.

When researching local or foreign work opportunities, include sources of job information, vacancies, and types of work, Europass, emigration supports and work visa requirements.

Prepare to participate in the workplace by using job seeking skills to source a suitable job advertisement and cover letter for the position.

Learn how to complete an application form for a job position.

Preparation and planning for job applications and interviews must be shown.

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