what is Wellness?

Wellness is about taking care of ourselves in all areas of our lives
Niamh Conroy created this page to share advise on the topic of Wellness and Personal Development.

How can I take care of my Wellbeing?


Healthy Mind


Happy Mind

understand your feelings

try to create good habits

keep a good daily routine

learn how to manage stress

laugh, keep fun in your life


There are lots of new things that you could learn about. You could share this knowledge with other people as well.


Make exercise part of your daily routine in the home. This can be helping around the house and garden

Balanced Diet

Learn about useful tips on how to keep a balance diet. For example, take time to eat good meals at set times of the day.


It is very important that you continue to look after health and practise good hygiene. Look at some good practical tips.


There are many ways which we can continue to have contact with our friends and family thanks to modern technology.


Remember, don’t forget to find some time for yourself so that you are feel to do the activities that you really enjoy doing.

Are You Ready

Tuesday 6th October 2020
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